About Us

LAKURA Chemical Company is a rapidly growing enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and packaging of professional cleaning products, household detergents, cosmetic products, products for CIP and other organic and inorganic chemicals.

LAKURAs major competitive advantage lies in cost effective production of retail products and handling small scale production batches. Any liquids, powders and high viscosity products can be effectively handled and processed. We welcome cooperation with companies willing to produce private label products.

We are proud to develop and produce such re-known brands in consumer market as KUPER and BIORIAN, whose undisputed quality is valued by consumers across Europe and CIS countries.
In professional line of products our company is offering products from aircraft maintenance chemicals to metal pickling pastes. Full range of detergents for HORECA sector is also available. 

Not only major airline companies and metal workshops benefit from our outstanding products, recently we have developed and placed in production range of disinfectants for hospitals and animal housing facilities. If there isn't a product you are looking for already on offer - we will develop it for your business.
Segments of the market our company is specifically strong at:
  • Disinfectants
  • Insect repellents
  • Strong acids
  • Automotive and aerospace chemicals
  • Agriculture chemicals
  • Cosmetic products
We have a highly experienced team of production engineers, R&D specialists and scientists who combined can develop, test and prepare for the market state of the art products. Our research department can develop and scale up production of your product in no time.

Blending and mixing is one of our specialties, inline or batch processing, handling and processing EX products - you name it, we are here to help and assist you!

Our team is actively seeking new key account customers and distributors across Europe. You are welcome to contact us directly to find out more about business opportunities that our collaboration may bring to your business.